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Build climate resilience on your farm

Climate Action for Agriculturalists: Building Resilience in the West

Live Cohort Dates: May – June 2024 (Course Full!)

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Confronting the realities of a changing climate

Decades of Expertise: Benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared by our network of climate-resilient agriculture experts, experienced farmers, and agroecology educators.

Practical Application: Through five multimedia modules, you’ll learn to apply agroecological principles, use decision-support tools to decide what action to take, and create Climate Resilience & Action Plans for your farm.

Community Connection: Participate in a live workshop series and connect with a cohort of fellow farmers, fostering a supportive learning environment.

About: This online, self-paced and award-winning course by Farmer Campus in collaboration with agroecology expert Dr. Clara Nicholls is specially designed for farmers and ranchers across the West. Whether you’re exploring climate resilience for the first time or looking to deepen your existing practices, this course offers invaluable insights and practical tools to start building resilience today.

Note: We’ll be offering a version of this course as a self-led asynchronous course in the fall, without the live components or incentives. 

Awarded “Outstanding Project” by the Western Extension Risk Management Center!

Course Contributors

Dr. Clara Nicholls and Dr. Miguel Altieri, UC Berkeley | Elizabeth & Paul Kaiser, Singing Frogs Farm, Natalia Pinzón, UC Davis | Derek Lowstuter, Colorado State University | Dr Ernesto Mendez | University of Vermont, Winona Dorris and Poppy Davis, Ela Family Farms, The Grasshopper Collective, Laney Siegner | Climate Farm School, Wild Farm Alliance, and more!

Guest Speakers Series: Margiana Petersen-Rockney, PhD | Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies at the University of Montana |Emilie Winfield, Director of the North Coast Soil Hub| Derek Lowstuter, Extension Specialist, Colorado State University | Mia Devine, Renewable Energy Specialist and Farm Owner, Small Acres Farm | Elizabeth Kaiser, Farm Owner and Educator, Singing Frogs Farm | and more! 

Farmers already know just how much we are connected and vulnerable to the variability inherent in working with nature. Yet farming connects to climate change in profound ways – paradoxically, industrial farming is one of the main contributors to climate change. However, we can farm in a way that mitigates and reduces the risks, vulnerability, and impacts of a changing climate. With this contradiction in mind, it is clear that to confront climate change rather than just react to it, we need to adapt the way we farm to reduce impacts on the environment and mimic nature, nurture strong farmer networks, and make our farms – and our farmers – more climate resilient.

Farmer Campus is proud to offer an online course to help you build the tools to do just that.

Key Topic Areas

How Climate Change and Agriculture Connect

Regional Impacts and Case Studies

Tools and Models for Agricultural Decision Making

Designing Resilient Farming Systems

Principles and Practices of Agroecology

Evaluating Risk and Resilience Indicators

By taking this course you will:

Create a Climate Resilience Action Plan for your farm or ranch

Increase your farm or ranch’s ability to adapt to the impacts of climate change and reduce risks from climate variability

Connect with experts and peers to share best practices and strategies

Explore cost-benefit and decision-making tools available to support you

Understand how your farm or ranch connects with climate change, agroecology, and global agriculture

Access exclusive resources: The Climate Chronicles Podcast, Case Study Compendium, Wildfire Workbook, and Financial Preparedness.

Bonus: Complete the course requirements and you'll get the course fee refunded and have the opportunity to be matched with a mentor!

Thank you so much for this course. It has really changed the way I think about growing food, living in places, our future, policy, and our interaction with the world in general.  

Jeanne, Course Alumni 2018

How learning happens

Online Lessons

Starting learning without leaving your farm. Combines community-driven practical, and scientific knowledge in 5 online modules featuring videos, podcasts and activities.

Farmer Networks

Learn alongside farmer-to-farmer private forums, compare ideas and co-create solutions with fellow producers.

Community Educators

All materials were made just for you and include experts from the field as well as stories from farmers who are building climate resilience on farm.

Resilience Plan

Assess your farm's vulnerabilities, risks and strengths to create an actionable plan to reduce your farm's risks to climate variabilities.

Applied Activities

Each module includes an on-farm Applied Activity, helping you analyze and apply new principles and practices while reflecting how different concepts relate to your own farm and/or community.

Live Workshop Series

Along with your course, you can join our special series of live online workshops, featuring guest experts and farmer speakers on crucial topics that will augment the online curriculum.

Course FAQ


Live Cohort Special Offer: Complete the course requirements and receive a full refund of the $100 course fee. Financial constraints? Let us know – we’re committed to making learning inclusive, no one is turned away for lack of funds.

Why do we charge, only to refund? We genuinely care about your learning. Have you ever signed up for a free online course and just… didn’t get to it? Us too! A financial investment leads to completion: Complete the course requirements, and the course becomes free

Live Cohort (Spring 2024 – Enrollment Open): All curriculum is online, with applied activities you can do on your farm. The live cohort version will run from May – June 2024. You’ll be self-paced through the 5 modules and should complete the course in under 10 weeks. However, we highly recommend aiming for one module every week. 

We have made special pre-recorded materials for each of the 5 modules, such as podcasts and videos, totaling about an hour or two of material in each Module. In addition, you’ll have hands-on Applied Activities that can be put in practice right away and combine to make your Resilience Plan.

We’ll be offering a special weekly workshop series alongside the curriculum, featuring guest speakers and farmers that you can join via Zoom.

Asynchronous (Opening Fall 2024): Offered as a “Self-Led” Course, you’ll set your timeframe, workload and the pace. There may be occasional live workshops you can attend in person and online, but you’ll complete course content when it is most convenient for you. 

The course content features lectures and case studies from California and Colorado, with larger practices and context from the Western Region, so it’s highly preferred that your operation be located in the West to make sure the content is relevant to your climate. 

However, while the material is designed for Western farmers, much of it is applicable to producers anywhere in the world confronting the realities of climate change – if you feel you would benefit, please join. 

Anyone regardless of region or profession is encouraged to join. 

Course materials are highly applicable for farmers, interns, apprentices, agricultural professionals, educators, students, and anyone with an interest in climate resilience in an agricultural context. 

While the content is accessible for many different learning backgrounds and styles, this course is currently tailored for those with a minimum of basic English reading and comprehension. 

Note: There is no scale requirement for your operation. Prior experience with climate resilient farming not required. Background in organic/sustainable farming and ranching also not required.

A computer & high speed internet connection to watch videos; a farm or land suitable for doing the practical Applied Activities; self-motivation to structure your time and complete lessons. You must also have a strong interest and desire to practice climate resilient farming or ranching.

So glad you asked! Enrollment for our Spring Live Cohort is now open! We will only run ONE live cohort in 2024, so if you value a peer-group, contained learning timeline, live workshop series, course facilitation and incentives, we encourage you to join this round.  Click the “Enroll” button at the top to register for the course. This will take you to an application form. We’ll then contact you to collect your course fee of $100 (fully refundable upon completion of the course!).

You will then get a link to the Farmer Campus Online Learning Platform which houses our curriculum, network and classroom, where you’ll make a profile and then be taken to your course. 

If you’d like to get in touch, email <>. Please note we are part-time staff. Thank you for your patience with a response!

We look forward to learning with you.


Thank you so much for this course. It has really changed the way I think about growing food, living in places, our future, policy, and our interaction with the world in general. And now I see that so many people would benefit from learning about this too! Thank you!
Jeanne Yu
Fencing Pony
I already was practicing permaculture-many of the same practices as agroecology- before the course, but the course helped me clarify my thinking around the risk factors, especially drought and fire.
Golden Rabbit Ranch
Thanks again for hosting this class. This week’s assignment and map creation project was super fun and definitely has me feeling inspired for future implementation of agroecological practices!
Rachel Lane
Student, UC Davis

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