Workshop and Resources: Financial Prep for Disaster 101

Are you financially prepared for a disaster? The threat of wide-sweeping catastrophic disasters including wildfires, drought, extreme temperature swings, floods, and pandemics has compounded in the last decade. The thought of preparation, on top of farming, can be overwhelming! Farmer Campus is here to help. As part of a series, this first workshop focused on Financial Preparedness for Disaster 101 – here you can watch the recording of our live webinar! 

We covered: What are the basics of financial disaster preparedness for farmers and ranchers? On a higher level, what are the resources available to farmers and ranchers in the event of a disaster? Who qualifies for each type of resource and what do you need to have in place to access these resources? This recorded workshop will give you an overview of the financial resources available to farmers in the event that a disaster strikes. Included (but not limited to): crop/livestock insurance, other insurance, FSA and NRCS aid. 

And check out the downloadable fact sheets below the video for programs related to your operation!

As part of this workshop, we’re happy to offer free downloadable fact sheets about the different Financial Preparedness and Aid programs for farmers and ranchers: