Upcoming Workshop: Financial Recovery after Disaster 101 Dec 14th

Join Farmer Campus on Dec 14th 2022 for a live online workshop on Financial Recovery After Disaster

Please RSVP and find details here. And don’t miss our Sept 28th workshop leading up to this event on Financial Preparedness, here. 

The threat of wide-sweeping catastrophic disasters including wildfires, drought, extreme temperature swings, floods, and pandemics has compounded in the last decade. With this being the new normal, how can you plan for recovery if/when disaster comes to your farm or ranch? Join Farmer Campus and guest speakers from the NRCS as well as farmers who’ve been impacted by disaster and recovered. Learn how you can reduce your farm’s vulnerability by learning what financial and legal preparedness for climate disasters you can do, and how to make sure you’re eligible. And/or, if you’ve already experienced a disaster, this workshop will help you learn how to recover with resilience in mind.

We’ll cover what are the types of federal aid (besides insurance)are available to farmers and ranchers to recover from climate disaster, What does it take to qualify, and business strategies like good record keeping and accounting to support this process.