Find us @ EcoFarm! Farming through Wildfire Season: A Collective (and Practical) Conversation

EcoFarm Conference | Asilomar, CA Session B: January 19th at 10:30am-12:00pm

Join Farmer Campus for a (gasp!) in-person workshop at EcoFarm in January 2023! 

The intensity of wildfires is rapidly increasing, with record-breaking fire seasons every year. The unpredictability and sheer magnitude of wildfires can leave you feeling threatened, isolated, and helpless. 

Together with CAFF, Farmer Campus will provide the framing for the intersection of producers, agriculture, communities, and wildfire resilience while bringing us together for a facilitated Community Forum to share resources, and support systems, and discuss how to build community fire resilience together. We’ll also introduce you to our new Farming through Wildfire Season Workbook – a practical toolkit with resources to build preparedness, response, recovery, and socio-ecological resilience on-farm. Join us to brainstorm, identify needs, problem-solve, and most importantly, feel empowered to face a future of catastrophic wildfires together.

Conference details coming soon! Email to stay in the loop.