Workshop: Intro to On-Farm Wildfire Preparedness with BeeWell Farms

Overwhelmed thinking about how to face a future of intensifying wildfires? As we head into spring, there’s no better time to evaluate your on-farm risk, get your evacuation plan made and practice your response plan ahead of fire season! Check out this recording of our live workshop from May 18th, featuring guest farmer educators Austin and Melissa Lely of BeeWell Farms.

This workshop also walks you through how to use the Farming through Wildfire Season Workbook, which you can download for free here:

Resources Shared in Workshop from Farmer Campus:
  • Join Online Course: Join our (free) online course: Farmers Build Wildfire Resilience to have access to videos, materials and resources to help you and your farm prepare for a future of fires.
  • Find or Share Service Providers: Can’t find a good Insurance Agent that also understands the nuance and risk of being a farmer? Attorney? Bookkeeper? This is a Crowdsourced sheet to help you and others find the people who will help you prepare for risks like wildfires. (sounds boring, but it’s SO important! Please add your 2 cents!)


Community Alliance for Family Farmers Resources:

  • Check out CAFF’s new Wildfire Resilience Program as well as the Wildfire Resilience Resource Library
  • Get involved by joining the new Statewide Wildfire and Agriculture Stakeholder Group!! CAFF is partnering with Farmer Campus to bring together a diverse statewide wildfire group focused on improving access to recovery, response, and preparedness information, resources, and training for agricultural operators and rural communities. Contact Amber to be added to the group.
  • Contact: Amber Schat, Wildfire Resilience Specialist (CAFF) 831-291-3927 | Wildfire Resilience Program Website