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Farming through Wildfire Season

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Building Fire Resilience Together

Drawing on decades of training small-farmers amidst climate change, Farmer Campus in collaboration with community partners bring you the Farming through Wildfire Season Program. You’ll find a self-led online course with a learning network of fellow farmers, a downloadable Fire Resilience Workbook, farmer centered research and a collection of producer stories sharing impact and recovery to help you garner actionable solutions, deepen your understanding and leave with a hands on tools to build fire resilience on your farm.

Climate change and high-intensity wildfires increasingly threaten agriculture in the West. In 2019 and 2020 this program supported 215 producers in wildfire risk management, response and recovery. However, the need continues as farmers across our networks have lost everything or faced severe losses due to the largest wildfire season on record. Farmer Campus’s Farming Through Wildfire Season program aims to reduce the human, production and financial risks of small-farmers to wildfires. We offer concrete solutions based on decades of training small-farmers, and address the needs of producers in high-risk regions in the West. It builds upon existing multimedia-curriculum with case-studies of impacted producers, farm-based activities, and a comprehensive workbook. This program offers viable, actionable solutions developed in collaboration with top fire experts, organizations and impacted farmers.

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Ready to start preparing your farm for fire? Download your Wildfire Preparedness Plan filled with hands-on practical activities for getting your farm & business ready. 




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Travel with us to the fields and back in this special podcast series in order to hear stories from farmers, ranchers and community members impacted by increasingly devastating wildfires.


Watch the videos form our hybrid online course and network Farmers Build Fire Resilience dedicated to helping farmers and ranchers face a future with fire.

Disaster Clearinghouse

CAFF's carefully compiled collection of resources specifically to help farms, ranches and rural communities best prepare and recover from natural disasters.

Wildfire Resilience library

We've scoured the web and collected literature and media around wildfire resilience for those that want to dig into the topic.

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