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Farmer Campus is a woman-run small business with grassroots. In addition to building and offering “blended learning” courses (online with in-person elements) on our Online Learning Platform, Farmer Campus hosts workshops, conducts research & citizen science through partnerships with Universities, publishes stories and academic papers, creates videos and podcasts, engages in Wildfire and Covid-19 Disaster Relief, builds powerful collaborations across sectors, and has been leading the charge to help farmers and ranchers in the West prepare for fires through our innovative, farmer-centered program “Farming through Wildfire Season.” We also actively collaborate, incubate and consult with like-minded organizations and farms, and encourage you to be in touch with us!

Our Mission

Coming Soon! Good things are worth the wait.

Vision & Values

Coming Soon! Good things are worth the wait.

Coming Soon! Good things are worth the wait.

Our Story

Our Team

Co-founders Natalia Pinzón and Katie Brimm are Farmer Campus’s two-woman team. However, they draw from an incredible network of farmers, professors, extension agents, nonprofits and professionals that steward and advise their work. They honor Farmer Campus’s collectivist roots by also functioning like a community kitchen, inviting like-minded organizations and farms across the world to host their own materials and help build an expansive learning community dedicated to food system transformation.

As a Colombian immigrant working in three continents, Natalia has seen the diversity of ways that farmers and peasants are impacted by and responding to globalization and climate change. In addition to Co-Founding Farmer Campus, she specializes in agroecology as a means to reduce global climate risk as a PhD Candidate in Geography at UC Davis. She also consults other agricultural nonprofits on evaluation. As a biologist & science education specialist, Natalia has created three web-based learning communities, 30 online curriculum modules and led six online certificate programs, supporting over 1,500 multicultural farmers. Natalia never turns down cocoa or a good backpacking trip.

Natalia Pinzón

Co-Founder and Owner

Katie Brimm has worked for over a decade in the food movement as an educator, writer, activist, & no-till farmer. She ran an international solidarity travel program focusing on Food Sovereignty where she gained an intimate connection to farmer & peasant issues, leading her to co-found Farmer Campus. Katie consults in facilitation & communications. As a published writer, she centers underrepresented voices in the food movement. Her work has been featured in anti-racism, food sovereignty and queer ecology trainings. Katie has a BA in Global Studies from UCSB and is getting her Masters in English. After 13 years in California, she works remotely from Colorado with her dog Posie.

Katie Brimm

Co-Founder and Owner

Founding Members

Leah Atwood


Agroecology Commons is a nonprofit in the Bay Area of California which cultivates knowledge sharing, community action, and global solidarity for decolonized land stewardship, collective healing, and justice within the food movement. AC was the first member of Farmer Campus and currently hosts the online portion of their Bay Area Farmer Training Program on our Online Learning Platform.

Agroecology Commons

Founding Members


Created by Brazilian designer Bernardo Bittencourt, our logo symbolizes Farmer Campus’s essence. The “F” is made up of agricultural hand-tools to represent the practical nature of our education style, and the “C” references the Bay Laurel laurus nobilis tree, which symbolizes wisdom, excellence in one’s field and the pursuit of higher learning, and happens to be the root for the word baccalaureate. The origin of the variability of the different weights of the letters in the text stems from an American tradition born in the 1800s of using wood type with each letter conveying its own meaning, and here representing the hands-on approach of an agrarian lifestyle.


The photos featured on this site come from a variety of photographers, but we wanted to thank Michael Estrada of BEEN Media for many of the header images, which feature the beautiful Full Bloom Flower Farm in Occidental, California.